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I use it to publish my thoughts and to test some ideas. All comments are personal and in no way bind any of the institutions to which I am affiliated and, particularly, the University of Bristol Law School. I hope to spur discussion and look forward to your feedback and participation. In this post, I point to the main issues that puzzle me in this very Spanish sainete.

I am sure there will be plenty debate in Spanish legal circles after the holidays…. In relation to economic operators that have breached competition law, there are two relevant grounds.

The relationship between both exclusion grounds relating to competition law infringements is somewhat debated. I have argued elsewhere that Art 57 4 c should still be used as the legal basis for the exclusion of economic operators that have already been sanctioned for previous bid rigging offences, whereas Art 57 4 d creates an additional ground for exclusion based on indicia of contemporary collusion. The transposition into Spanish law of these provisions has introduced some important modifications.

Such procedure is rather convoluted and involves a decision of the Minister of Finance on the advice of the State Consultative Board on Public Procurement. Be indispensable. But not at the cost of hurting others. You are a work in progress.

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Keep working at it. Title Here, the invididual is asked to strive to be en su punto.

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  • In The Enlightened Eye , Elliot Eisner refers to the "refinement of taste" as a key element of enlightment. See Asun, p. Handle your boss skillfully. The boss. Keep your passions in check.

    101 Métodos Para una Espalda Mejor, Segunda Edición (Spanish Edition)

    Especially at work. Help correct your country's flaws. Fortune or fame? Both would be nice. It need not have a negative connotation. Learn from everyone. Become a cultured person. Be attentive to deceit. Fischer is correct to translate ya segunda, y ya primera as "sometimes indirectly, and sometimes directly.

    Walton uses "sometimes disingenuously, sometimes with candour. Ignatious, founder of the Jusuit Order, conceived of life as war. And Job described man's life as a militia over the earth. It's not just what you do, it's the way that you do it. Title The literal translation to la realidad y el modo is "reality and the manner or the how ," which is how Maurer translates this.

    Walton selects "substance and accidents," which is, surprisingly for him, much off the mark. Lockley's effort "to be as close to the Spanish original as could be" results in "Clothe reality with a gracious manner. As with a name, e. Here is an appropriate passage from Aristotle: "It is an easy matter to know the effects of honey, wine, hellebore, cautery, and cutting.

    But to know how, for whom, and when we should apply these as remedies is no less an undertaking than being a physician. Nichomachean Ethics, Book V, a. Michel Foucault: "People know what they do. They frequently know why they do what they do. What they don't know is what they do does. Stay close to smart people.

    And love your schoolwork. Savage translated this as "who disentangle their affairs. He conquered Parthia. After defeating kings in various wars, he appeared in public with them and made slaves of them Blanco, p. In education, having a "mastery goal orientation. Asun, estudiar mucho por muchos medios p.


    Use your intellect for good. Change your strategy. And not always in the same way. Below are some examples. Apply yourself. No matter how smart you are.

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    Title Minerva Athena is the Roman goddess of wisdom there you see her with the wise owl. Temper your expectations. Things have their season. Natur, Woo lady luck. But put your chips on wisdom. Be cosmopolitan. And discerning. Correct your flaws. Sino is derived from the Latin signum , meaning "sign" or "mark," and it is this meaning that the word carries in this context.

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    Don't let your imagination get the better of you. Be perceptive. The word has no easy translation. It is moral clear-sightedness, tempered with skepticism; a putting aside of naive and sentimental illusion. That awakening produces an Argos: a many-eyed monster of attentiveness" from A Pocket Mirror for Heroes , , Doubleday, p. Know a person's basest impulses. Fischer and Jacobs both translate this as "thumbscrew. It is this that we must find in others. Value quality over quantity.

    Title intensiones - quality. Also note Bacon's apophthegm, "Nature did never put her jewels in garrets. Be cultured. Title vulgar - this word carries two meanings in Spanish. First, of course, its cognate, "vulgar. Be a person of integrity.