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It is apparent that both Davison and Savino would have greatly benefited from some room to breathe, as would have Marek. Collectively their subtle natures begin to infiltrate one another, diminishing the three aesthetics and conceptual underpinnings that uniquely demand individual isolation.

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A division does endure between these three artists despite the close quarters, characterized by diverse explorations with material. This can be said for most of the Alchimia graduates, yet certain artists more soundly developed profound bodies of work that surpass a reliance on material as concept. How does materiality relate to the overall strength of a piece? The name, the objects—brooches comprised of cold cylinders in softly melting shades of icy blues and whites—and the sentiment all add up; knowing what they are made of is more of an added curiosity than it is crucial.

Being one of the more ambitious material explorations presented, it can perhaps be said that she is only getting started. Also thinking about communicative framework like Petrut, Hamilton Ireland is the only artist who thought to pair photos with the physical. They are important vestiges like her books, but should have been blown-up and presented as equally valued works. The images are beyond supplemental and positively mimic the praiseful and candidly personal satisfaction that making and wearing brings to the maker. So then what does it really mean to put on an artwork, to adorn oneself with a summary of feelings, past events, ideas?

Where can a personal connection be found, between maker and object, or object and future wearer? Valentina Caprini Italy pushes it further by presenting a fresh take on the fundamental roles of jewelry vs. The distinctive collection, displayed suspended from the ceiling one of two collections first mentioned seen through the window , is so aptly titled that one can walk away with the word slipping off their tongue without having known it prior.

The four woven necklaces into which pills have been sewn and the trio of fleshy brooches independently possess a strong emotive presence owed to the delicate and deliberate touch of the artist. In addition to a unique tactile quality, Caprini has involved an accessible depth to her work worthy of further contemplation. Nearby, and in quite a stark contrast, are the dangling lemons by Catalina Gibert Nadal Spain.

Visual impact initially denies their alliance to the jewelry realm, as they seem to function as a sly ploy to get a wider audience through the front door. It works, strangely, and even stranger is why these mysterious lemons some are brooches, others are long necklaces that would hang past the waist are objects that someone would want to wear to carry the weight of.

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Located on the second of white tables near the entrance, the culturally referential collection, Sontob, the Korean word for Fingernail , similarly raises questions about the influence of place and why one decides to be adorned with specific things. Before drawing this conclusion however, it is well worth looking through her published book that each graduate was required to provide as an accompaniment to his or her collection. The books are worth mentioning; some are able to enhance the shown work, as in the case of Andrea Coderch Valor Spain.

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Hers is able to enlighten the viewer as to the true intention of her pillowy-sewn flower brooches, each made one day at a time over the course of six months for one specific person. Other books begin to call into question the selection decisions of curator, Christoph Zellweger, by exposing what he decided to include in the show and what he has decided to leave out. Prevalsero la sinergia e la mediazione.

Questo equilibrio ebbe fine quando il Primo Ministro Aldo Moro venne rapito nel Quando mio padre era ragazzo era molto creativo. Per quanto mi riguarda, oscillo tra la gratitudine per lo stile di vita confortevole reso possibile dal suo stipendio di deputato, e il risentimento per i sacrifici richiesti dalla sua carriera politica. La produzione letteraria di mio padre risale agli anni del suo pensionamento, e comprende due collezioni di poesie prima di questa, e le sue memorie: Caro Luca Luca, mio fratello.

Il libro venne pubblicato nel e vinse il Premio Castiglioncello. Mi chiese dei suggerimenti sul manoscritto, cosa che feci. Divenni amica di mio padre pressappoco a quel tempo, quando gli dissi che amavo le donne, oltre agli uomini. Donne che amano donne. In un mondo consapevole del potenziale per la Mutually Assured Destruction — o M. Inoltre fa monitoraggio della produzione e distribuzione di armi, piccole e grandi, e partecipa a interventi diretti in aree devastate dalla guerra.

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Become a Fan : www. Please follow and like us:. The poems in the collection Il lago del cuore make a narrative, a story. Lago del cuore translates figuratively as the vastness, the emptiness of the heart, and as a call to a beloved, cherished lake. The story is about a man who is getting old, and knows he has had a life of plenitude, struggle, idealism, and compromise; a life that has fulfilled his wildest expectations and more, yet has exacted prices, and generated disappointments, disaffections, and lacerations.

This poet goes through his memories, fantasies, dreams, and obsessions, to finally prepare for death.


These memories reveal a person that perhaps as a daughter I failed to see, a person who was a lot more similar to me spiritually and philosophically than the father I knew, somewhat imprisoned in his parental role. Two poems in the collection struck me as especially significant in this respect, for they made me see my father as a virtually polyamorous person whose deep spirituality verged on the pantheistic.

Or perhaps this is my projection, for I have strong affinities with neo-pagan and polyamorist communities. For I am his daughter, and, while I lived an ocean and a continent away from him, the effort to interrogate the open questions of his life was an important force in leading me towards these movements. But the open questions of his life were not resolved, including his choice of being an atheist regardless of his very deep spirituality, and his non-monogamous behavior, which he would not recognize as a deliberate choice, but rather experienced as a mistake.

Related to these, was his ambivalent relationship to modernity and industrialization, which for his generation held the promise of curing poverty and pain. Two poems in the collection inspire me to write of my dad in this way. The poet speaks to the lake, and in calling him tu , attributes a persona to this body of water, who was once a volcano and has now reincarnated in his current form.

These lovers appear to him as they were when he knew them, and the poet evokes his moments and stories with each of them. The poem ends with the dream of these lovers surrounding the poet together near his bed.

Luciano Caruso (poet)

This image of shared love and serenity dissipates the conventional rivalries of enforced monogamy and defeats traditional gender wars. These poems, and many others in the collection as well, speak to me of a virtually polyamorous person with pantheistic inclinations. His spirituality goes much beyond his proclaimed atheism; it sees the magic in nature; it recognizes the environment as a being with a life of its own; and it imagines the live creature of a lake as a volcano whose metamorphosis has generated the body of water that now lives in its crater.

This realm, this vision of the imagination, also makes room for a different kind of love, one in which love only begets more love. In life my father often insisted on the inevitability of modernity and its benefits.

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I remember teasing him that for him atheism was just another religion, as I was searching for an alternative to monotheism and a more pantheistic vision of the sacred. Yet his poems reveal his vision of life as a continuum. The poet is aware of his own mortality, announces it, and even describes his death.

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Throughout the collection, the metaphor he uses for life is prat o, a grass lawn, a meadow people cross and meander in for a while, alone and together. His personal life was punctuated with passionate and multi-faceted relationships that contributed to making it vital and interesting. In Donne , as in a poly world, the poet wishes to have all his lovers with him at the same time, and loves them all in his memory.

In this dream of intimate peace, love expands from a monogamous to a more inclusive dimension, as in a neo-pagan tale. Il Vecchio e il Nuovo:. Le poesie che fanno parte della collezione Il lago del cuore formano una narrazione, una storia. Il poeta riesamina le sue memorie, fantasie, sogni e ossessioni, per prepararsi infine alla morte. Lui la segue docile, un ateo che si prefigura un passaggio alla morte dolce e morbido.

Il poeta evoca i momenti e le storie con ognuna di loro. Queste poesie, e molte altre della collezione, parlano a me di una persona capace di molteplici amori e con inclinazioni panteistiche. La sua vita personale era contrassegnata da rapporti appassionati e sfaccettati, che contribuivano a renderla vivace e interessante. In Donne — come in un mondo di plurali amori — il poeta desidera avere con se tutte le sue amanti allo stesso tempo e le ama tutte nel ricordo.

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