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Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Orchestra

This may not have been necessary for Jones to do. His compositions are not the only testament to that. His playing of the instrument reinforced the theory that Jones was one of a kind and the music — Disc 1 comprises some of his most beautiful compositions and some of his playing too. Disc 2 of this fine package comprises a few more of his compositions, but his trumpet and flugelhorn playing has a greater showcase there.

There is a visceral excitement — a palpable one — as soon as the band strikes up. You immediately feel the heave of the earth, the rush of blood to the cheeks as the dramatic tension of the music puts a riveting hold on the ear.

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The players turn the music of Jones in the February 7th set into a triumphant journey. His sense of space and time, his tonal colours and ingenious use of the timbre of his instrument radical employment of harmonics become evident and you realise how right Charles Mingus was to reward him with that crown. The happily burgeoning relationship with these musicians continues through Disc 2, a performance that Klabin recorded on February 21st set. There are marginal changes to the personnel in the orchestra.

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The fabulous Bob Brookmeyer is absent and the trumpets welcome Danny Stiles, while the fast-rising baritone saxophonist Pepper Adams holds up the bottom of the saxophone section. Hank Jones is omnipresent and plays with great rhythm, clean articulation and phrasing which are affectionate and unfussy.

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And then there is Thad Jones who is considerably more visible as an instrumentalist showcasing with rigour and emotional extremism. HIS control of the valves is majestic, powerful and tautly controlled. And what a way to end the set… with woodwinds and horns trading chorused, playing in unison, chasing and challenging one another in Back Bone, a song crowned with a drum solo by Mel Lewis which is sheer elegance and effortlessly reactive. You cannot help but feel that this is a double programme where the performances are terrific in their intensity and panache throughout.

The package is comes complete with the most exhaustive book documenting the manner in which the performance came to be; how the recording came to be and best of all, recollections from some of those who were there at the time, played in the orchestra, as well as some of the finest photographic documents of one of the finest orchestras to grace the planet from Chuck Stewart, Ray Avery, Jan Persson and Raymond Ross.

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This is a priceless set for the music and the booklet that is not only exquisite fare, but also for being one of the most important documents is the history of jazz. Hiding in the trombone section was Bob Brookmeyer with his valve trombone. He did the same for this band.

Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra - All My Yesterdays Mini Documentary

The recording, now fifty years old, is an extraordinary detailed, atmospheric recording that captures the joy and spontaneity. Everyone seems to enjoy the music. The dynamics, rather like Basie, means that the band can go from a whisper to a full throated roar within a few bars. This is an extraordinary album. I have heard a number of albums by this band but nothing that captures the unique qualities in the way that the young Klabin did.

All My Yesterdays

Rhinogradentia - The Lost Islands. Old Stuff Old Stuff Folders of older drawings.

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All My Yesterdays - The Debut 1966 Recordings at the Village Vanguard

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