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We know, you think we're crazy, but listen up--this pairing could change your life. You'll see a familiar face with the addition of juniper berries, but this dish relies heavily on the rich, velvety red wine jus. This culinary masterpiece is sure to please the most elevated of palates as well as any meat-and-potatoes good ol' boys. Leek and Potato Puree: Heat a tablespoon of butter and cook leeks for 10 minutes of until soft. Stir in parsley and salt. Bring potatoes and thyme to boil in a pot of water.

Grilled Venison Loin

Cook until tender for 20 minutes. Drain and mash potatoes. Add cream and rest of the butter until creamy. Add leek and parsley and stir. Maple Juniper Beef Tenderloin: Combine maple syrup, juniper berries, thyme and garlic. Marinate tenderloins in mixture for half an hour. Season with salt and pepper and roast in F oven for 10 minutes.

Reduce oven temp. Slice and let rest. Internal temperature should be F. Chocolate Infused Red Wine Jus: Melt 2 tablespoons of butter over medium-high heat and saute carrots, onion, leeks and bay leaves--until softened and brown. Add wine and simmer until reduced by half. Add beef or venison stock and bring to a simmer for 10 minutes.

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I am definitely sticking with this recipe, everyone loved it. You can actually cut it with a butter knife, it was so tender and juicy. Thankyou guys for your awesome recipe. This is the best recipe ever! Super simple with ingredients I always have on hand. Meat was perfect in flavor and tenderness.

6 Venison Tenderloin Recipes You Have to Try

Trying this on beef filets next. Thank you for simplifying my dinners. This was amazing!

The Best Deer Loin Recipe

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Like the Recipe? Buy the Book! I've gone through much of the detail on how to properly grill a backstrap of venison or elk, antelope, bison, moose etc. Be patient and you will be rewarded. Prep Time 30 mins. Cook Time 20 mins. Total Time 50 mins. Course: Main Course. Cuisine: American.

2. Venison Medallions with Whiskey, Mushroom & Horseradish Cream Sauce

Keyword: easy, grilling, venison. Excellent condition.

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