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First published: 25 November About this book This monograph assembles expert knowledge on the latest biomechanical modeling and testing of hard tissues, coupled with a concise introduction to the structural and physical properties of bone and cartilage. A strong focus lies on the current advances in understanding bone structure and function from a materials science perspective, providing practical knowledge on how to model, simulate and predict the mechanical behavior of bone.

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The book presents directly applicable methods for designing and testing the performance of artificial bones and joint replacements, while addressing innovative and safe approaches to stimulated bone regeneration essential for clinical researchers. Having obtained a Master Degree in Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart , Germany, he spent the time from at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg as a research and teaching assistant to obtain his PhD in Engineering Sciences. He has published over research papers and organized three international conferences on diffusion in solids and liquids.

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Before pursuing his academic career he worked as an engineer and operations manager in various British companies. Export Citation s. Export Citation. Plain Text.

[Fundamentals of the biomechanics of hard tissues].

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Free Access. It displays conspicuous gradients in its ultrastructural, physical and mechanical characteristics, which experiences further variations with age and disease.

Photomechanical techniques utilize optical principles to study the biomechanical response of biological tissues under functional forces. They are largely non-destructive techniques, which provide high-sensitive, and whole-field information of specimens in situ.

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They have been applied extensively in dentistry to understand the biomechanical principles underlying the responses of dental hard tissue, tooth-bone relationship and restorative appliances to different forces generated within the mouth. Enable full ADS.

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