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These two pieces of research have the power to transform your dating life—in the best possible ways. The way we search for love usually determines the kind of love we find. There are three steps that lead much more quickly to find healthy love and enrich our entire lives in the process!

Just try them and see what happens! Once a month, Ken answers your personal questions about love, dating, sex and more. And the results can radiate out and enrich your whole life. Sexually, and non-sexually, most of us are both wilder and more tender than we feel comfortable showing. As we embrace both our tender souls and our sexual passion, worlds of intimacy can open up for us.

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Here are the steps to make that happen. Your intimacy magic is your springboard to love. This is one not to be missed. This short ancient practice is a powerful, life-enhancing tool for finding love. It liberates waves of buried passion, and then uses that passion to change the course of your intimacy life. All you need is your longing for love, and minutes a day. You can learn it in this episode. Get ready for some very moving stories and inspiring insights for every person who cares about love, liberation and healing.

Which would be you. Your Guiding Insights are like marching orders from your soul, showing you a wiser, quicker path to love. They turn your search for love into an adventure of healing and growth. Learn how to discover your own Guiding Insights in this episode. Remember: Fear of intimacy is part of the human condition! Fear of intimacy. But it holds us back from building the kind of life that we long for.

A dating buddy; that is a co-coach for your search for love. If you follow no other suggestion than this one from my podcasts, your dating life will change profoundly. Listen in as I share how losing love and finding it again molded me to become the person that I am today.

Lesbians: Get Ready For the Love of Your Life – And Then Find Her!

Tissues might be required. Here are the six steps to turn your search for love into a true adventure of healing.

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Jump in! Are you single and looking for love? And are you willing to do the real work of intimacy? If so, I believe you are lucky. Not a little lucky; but profoundly lucky. How do you change that pattern once and for all? And last but not least, how can you make your sex life more healing, deeper, and more exciting? It turns out, there is a magic key to a better sex life and a better sexual relationship.

So stay tuned to The Deeper Dating Podcast. What are the new rules around gender? This is the most powerful insight I know: Our deepest insecurities surround our greatest gifts. These qualities are your Core Gifts. This episode will help you find them.

NYT bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas is one of the greatest teachers I know for helping people finding love. And how do you show your authentic self in a dating profile? This is the most powerful insight I know to determine which attractions lead to love and which lead to pain. This myth damages your sense of self-worth—and erodes your chance of finding healthy love! Find out here! How to create and cultivate true self-love, the single most important ingredient for finding your beloved—and keeping love alive.

Find lasting love with conscious dating

When it comes to learning self-love, I cannot think of anyone wiser and more helpful than my dear friend Margaret Paul, Ph. How to help a new relationship grow stronger and deeper?

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How do I decide if someone is truly right for me? But what no one teaches us that we can educate them! Even if you are relentlessly attracted to the bad boys and the bad girls, you can still develop this capacity. In this episode, she explains why spiritual people can have a harder time finding love—and offers her greatest insights for everyone who is seeking a soulmate relationship. In this episode, I will teach you the most potent and joyful practice I know to speed your path to love. Our intimacy journey is the greatest journey of our lives. There are three stages of deeper dating on this journey, and in this episode, Ken explains each of them.

Legions of people are looking for true, lasting love-and not finding it. If you want to know how to find your true love, my first advice would be to stay away from any dating advice with a superficial fixation on looks, games and gimmicks.

Listen intently to your own inner wisdom and voice.

If you like the show, please help others discover it: Leave a quick review on iTunes. Page has led hundreds of workshops on intimacy and spirituality for thousands of participants. In addition to his writing, coaching and psychotherapy practice, Ken founded Deeper Dating in as an event platform in which trained facilitators speak on sexuality, intimacy, and spirituality in the world of dating and then lead participants in a series of fun and enriching exercises.

The live events he has led provide an alternative to the bar scene and superficial dating events.

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They have drawn thousands of men and women of all ages and sexual orientations and have received much media attention. Stay tuned for his new online version of Deeper Dating! A program that not only leads to an authentically loving relationship but also steers us toward our own potential greatness—from well-known psychotherapist and dating expert Ken Page, LCSW. Deeper Dating is a message of hope backed by research; a course-in-a-book that will speed and ease your path to love. Much about what you've been taught about dating is wrong.

Helping Single Lesbians Find Love - And Couples Keep It.

Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. We want to be happy in relationships, but don't know how. The old way of dating and mating simply doesn't work anymore. The rules have changed and most of us don't know what the new rules are. In searching for love, most singles are using trial and error, flying by the seat of their pants, or following bad advice. Conscious Dating does not offer manipulative or deceptive practices that compromise who you are, in fact it helps singles celebrate who they are and see being single as an opportunity and not a disease.

This is not just another dating book filled with tired ideas about how to get a man or woman. Conscious Dating provides relationship information and strategies proven and tested with thousands of singles worldwide from a pioneering leader in the field of relationships. He has trained hundreds of coaches and therapists and helped thousands of singles and couples get what they want in relationships. Married and divorced twice, he has learned from his own personal as well as professional experiences.