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The dynamic constitution: an introduction to American constitutional law

Falls Sie einen Marcumarausweis besitzen, bitte vorlegen. Hepatitis, HIV-Infektion oder andere? Leiden Sie an einer Allergie z. Falls Sie eine Allergieausweis besitzen, bitte vorlegen. Oder: 4. Besteht bei Ihnen eine Bluterkrankung z. Sind Sie insulin-oder tablettenpflichtiger Diabetiker?

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Falls Sie einen Diabetikerausweis besitzen, bitte vorlegen. Rauchen Sie? Wenn ja, was und wieviel?

Oder: Tragen Sie einen Herzschrittmacher? Falls Sie einen Schrittmacherausweis besitzen, bitte vorlegen. Atemwege, Lunge: chronische Bronchitis, Asthma Oder: 8. Wann hatten Sie Ihre letzte Regelblutung? Ich willige in den oben vermerkten Eingriff ein. Die Verhaltenshinweise werde ich beachten. Patientin, die sich vom Diagnosen 1. Fettleber-Hepatitis -bioptische Sicherung Leberbiopsie am Zusammenfassung: Deleted for data protection stellte sich vor aufgrund einer im Mai diagnostizierten chronischen Hepatitis C-Virusinfektion.

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Es lieg ein Genotyp 4 vor. Es liegt eine Fibrose Grad 3 vor. Aufgrund der Befunde sowie einer klinisch asymptomatischen Patientin empfehle ich ein zuwartendes Verhalten. Der HbA1c-Wert liegt mit 9,5 5 deutlich zu hoch. Darunter zeigt sich eine befriedigende Blutzuckereinstellung. Eine Insulintherapie ist aktuell nicht notwendig. Falls diese nicht befriedigend sind, kann sie jederzeit Kontakt mit uns aufnehmen.

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Hierzu kann sich die Patientin gerne vorstellen. Letzte Medikation: 1. ASS mg Blutverduennung 2. Moxonidin 0. Diltiazem 60mg Herz 4. Simvastatin 20mg Blutfette 5. Protonenpumpen- i. Metformin mg Blutzucker 8.

Sitagliptin mg 9. Liraglutid Victoza 1. Lukas Society Dear patient, This information sheet is for your information. Please read it before the consultation and consent discussion and kindly fill in the questionnaire. Your symptoms indicate a disease of the liver. The histological examination of a tissue sample from the liver makes it possible to determine liver diseases with great certainty e.

The dynamic Constitution: an introduction to American constitutional law.

Liver puncture Usually the exact location of the liver is initially found through an ultrasound examination and from here a suitable incision point located. A hollow needle is inserted into the liver between two ribs of the right chest wall after local anesthesia and the administration of sedatives or painkillers are given prior to a tissue sample being removed with a quick puncture see figure. Discovered liver changes are punctured with a fine needle under ultrasound or CT control as required. Many diseases of the liver can be detected by blood tests, endoscopic examination, ultrasound, x-rays or so-called magnetic resonance imaging without tissue removal.

In some cases, however, a histological examination is needed to assess and treat the disease more accurately. Alternative procedures for obtaining tissue samples are laparoscopy or an opening of the abdomen laparotomy. However, these processes are complex; carry a high risk and a longer healing and recovery process. We will inform you about the pros and cons of each method during the consultation and consent discussion. Risks and possible complications Due to peritoneum irritation a stronger pain can occur in the right upper abdominal shortly after pulling out the needle, which very often radiates into the right shoulder.

After one to two hours it usually stops by itself. On rare occasions bruising and infection may occur at the site of the injection. Threatening cardiovascular reactions or signs of intolerance to the drugs and other serious complications like increased blood flow in the peritoneal cavity, a life-threatening peritonitis caused by a discharge of bile into the abdominal cavity or a life-threatening blood infection sepsis due to an infection are extremely rare.

Under certain circumstances treatment measures including surgical repair or a blood transfusion, may be required. The transfer and application of blood units, plasma derivatives and other blood products carry risks but these are rare especially for infections such as hepatitis viruses liver inflammation. In certain cases it may be recommended to have a follow-up examination to exclude infectious diseases.

Please discuss further with your doctor to arrange such a follow-up. Injuries of adjacent organs e. In the event that air enters the pleural space due to injury of the pleura pneumothorax , it may be necessary to pump out the air. However with the techniques used today the risk of potential tumor cells being deported is extremely low. Preparatory, accompanying or subsequent actions are not entirely free of risks. Please be sure to read and adhere to the following unless medically advised otherwise. Before the procedure You have to be sober which means you are not allowed to eat or smoke anything less than 6 hours before the procedure!

Up to 2 hours before you are allowed to drink clear liquid e. Please inform us of any medication that you are taking. The doctor will then decide whether these medications have to be discontinued or replaced by others. Medications of the anticoagulant type e. After the procedure On the day of examination complete bed rest is required. In the first two hours lay on the right side in order to close the puncture site. If you suffer from any discomfort please do not hesitate to ask the doctor for some pain relief.

If the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis you have to be picked up by an accompanying adult as your reflexes may be more limited by sedatives or painkillers. We will advise you when you will be able to drive or work with machinery again. You should not drink at this time and it is not advisable that you make any important decisions during this rehabilitation period. If you feel unwell e.

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Please tick and underline or expand as appropriate. If necessary we will help you with completing this questionaire. Do you take medication for blood clotting e. Please show your Warfarin-pass if you have one.

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Do you suffer from any chronic infectious disease e. Do you suffer from an allergy e. Do you suffer from a blood disease e. Are you an insulin or tablet dependent diabetic?

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Please show your Diabetics-pass if you have one 6. Do you smoke? If yes, what and how much?