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7 Lessons from Samson—Surviving the Anointing

This was a loss of great proportion to the Philistine farmers. The general principle of reaping what is sown is apropos here Gal. This is proverbial for a ruthless slaughter. God gave miraculous power to Samson for destruction, but also to show fearful Israelites v. Sin blinds and later grinds v.

This place was about 38 mi. His weakness for women of low character and Philistine loyalty reappeared Prov. He erred continually by going to her daily v. Since there were 5 rulers of the Philistines, each giving that amount, this was a large sum. Samson played a lying game and gave away his manhood, here a little, there a little.

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He also played with giving away his secret—and finally gave it up, i. He could be bought for a price, and Delilah paid it.

It's never too late to humble yourself and turn to God

Compare Esau selling his birthright Gen. His strength came from his unique relation to God, based on his Nazirite pledge. His long hair was only a sign of it.

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When Delilah became more important to him than God, his strength was removed. Here was the tragedy of the wrath of abandonment. This principle is seen in Gen. See Judg. The last town encountered in SW Palestine as a traveler went from Jerusalem toward Egypt, near the coast. It was nearly 40 mi. There he was humiliated. His hair grew with his repentance , and his strength with his hair. He was a sea-god, an idol with the head of a fish and the body of a man. A prayer of repentance and trust pours from Samson.

The central pillars were set close to furnish extra support for the roof. Here the victory celebration and taunts flung at the prisoner below drew a big crowd.

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The full strength of Samson, renewed by God, enabled him to buckle the columns. He died for the cause of his country and his God. He was the greatest champion of all Israel , yet a man of passion capable of severe sin. Still, he is in the list of the faithful Heb. BKC - the deliverance by samson from the oppression of the philistines chaps. The distress under the Philistines b b. Though earlier Philistine settlements had been present in Palestine Gen.

They organized a pentapolis or confederation of five cities—Gaza, Ashkelon, and Ashdod on the strategic coastal highway, and Gath and Ekron on the edge of the Shephelah or Judean foothills Josh.

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  4. When the Philistine aggression moved eastward into the land of Benjamin and Judah, the Israelites accepted that domination without resistance ; till the time of Samuel 1 Sam. The deliverance by Samson Unless the repentance mentioned in includes the western Israelites who were being oppressed by the Philistines cf. Since Samson judged Israel 20 years ; , beginning apparently at about age 20, his entire life span must have approximated the year Philistine oppression which began before his birth The childless wife of Manoah of Zorah was visited by the Angel of the Lord.

    Zorah, the highest point in the Shephelah, was on a high ridge north of the Sorek Valley and about 14 miles west of Jerusalem. Originally Zorah was a city of Judah Josh. In this theophany Jud. Nazirite vows were normally for a limited period of time but Samson was to be a Nazirite of God all his life Jud. His mother was to share for a time in part of the Nazirite vow vv. Besides being set apart as a Nazirite, Samson was chosen by God to begin the deliverance of Israel from the hands of the Philistines.

    The completion of this task would be left to Samuel 1 Sam. Manoah prayed for His reappearance to teach them how to bring up the boy. Not fully realizing the divine character of his Guest v. The Angel indicated that any provisions should be offered to the Lord as a burnt offering. Then Manoah sacrificed a young goat v. He and his wife were amazed as the Angel of the Lord ascended in the flame that blazed up from the altar.

    One day the Spirit of the Lord began to stir Samson, that is, to empower him to begin to deliver Israel. Samson was later buried between these two towns ; , 8, Rather it consisted of his being a lone champion for the cause of his people. His exploits, the record of which begins in chapter 14, distracted the Philistines from more serious invasions into the tribal areas of Benjamin and Judah.

    Since marriages were contracted by the parents Gen. Since marriage with a non-Israelite was expressly forbidden by the Mosaic Law Ex. Other peoples around Israel, whether Egyptians or Semites, practiced circumcision, but the Philistines did not. They did not know that this was from the Lord, who was seeking an occasion to confront the Philistines. Samson took his parents down to Timnah to arrange the wedding.

    He apparently turned aside into the vineyards of Timnah, perhaps to obtain grapes, where he was attacked by a young lion. Under the empowerment of the Spirit of the Lord ; he tore the lion apart with his bare hands, probably in the manner Near-Easterners rend a young goat, pulling it in half by the hind legs. That he did not tell his father or mother about this implies that they had proceeded on to Timnah to complete the betrothal arrangement.

    Some time later, when the betrothal period was completed, he was on his way to the wedding. He scooped out the honey to eat it, and shared it with his parents without informing them of its source. While the Nazirite law strictly prohibited contact with a dead person, the purpose of this was to avoid ceremonial uncleanness Num.

    Since touching the carcass of even a clean animal made a person with the obvious exception of an officiating priest ceremonially unclean Lev. His participation in the wedding feast Jud. At the seven -day wedding ceremony, Samson conducted the customary feast lit. Samson told his companions a riddle, the meaning of which he made more challenging with a wager of 30 linen garments large rectangular sheets often used as undergarments and 30 sets of clothes festal garments, often embroidered.

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    They implied that she might have been involved in a scheme with Samson to rob them by means of the wager. Samson withstood bridal tears till the seventh day of the feast when the time to solve the riddle would expire v. He finally told her and she in turn explained the riddle to the 30 Philistines.

    When they informed Samson of the solution which, like the riddle, they phrased in poetic parallelism, Samson retorted concerning his bride with a scornful but picturesque figure of speech: If you had not plowed with my heifer, you would not have solved my riddle. To fulfill his obligation in the wager v. Samson later in the wheat harvest, i. However, Samson soon discovered that his bride had been given to another by her father who thought Samson hated her the word is used in a divorce context in Deut.

    Unimpressed with the offer of marriage to her younger sister, Samson again vented his anger on the Philistines, this time by burning their grain wheat, Jud. He did this by fastening torches to the tied.

    When the Philistines learned that Samson caused the destruction, they retaliated by burning his wife. Motivated again by personal revenge, Samson viciously. Pursuing Samson, the Philistines.

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    When the Judeans learned the reason for the Philistine show of force, they sought Samson with 3, men to turn him over to the Philistines. When the Judeans agreed not to kill him themselves, Samson not wanting to shed Israelite blood let them surrender him to the Philistines.

    Samson: The Final Judge

    They bound him with two new ropes, but these became like charred flax and. Again special strength was given him by the Spirit of the Lord , Grabbing a fresh jawbone of a donkey an old one would have been too brittle , Samson slaughtered 1, Philistines. Samson was extremely thirsty after his difficult effort in the hot, dry climate. The 20 years about b. No reason is given why Samson went to Gaza, perhaps the most important Philistine city, which was near the coast about 35 miles southwest of his home in Zorah.

    Whatever the reason, his sensual inclinations overcame him and he spent the night with a prostitute. However, Samson arose in the middle of the night, apparently catching them by such surprise that he escaped even though he pulled away the doors of the city gate, together with the two posts. In fact, he carried the doors to the top of the hill that faces Hebron.

    Whether this is a hill outside of Gaza that has a view eastward toward Hebron, or whether Samson carried the doors uphill 37 miles to a hill outside of Hebron, is not clear from the text. Local tradition identifies the hill as El Montar just east of Gaza.

    Samson the Faithful Servant

    There seems to be no reason why Samson would carry the doors farther, since he had already insulted the people of the city by removing its gate of security. She was at least the third woman with whom Samson had been involved ; The town where Delilah lived in the Valley of Sorek where Samson spent most of his life is not named, whether Har-heres Beth Shemesh , or Timnah, or some other town. The Philistine rulers devised a plot to capture Samson. The Bible does not say how many rulers were involved, but probably the number was five, one for each of the major Philistine cities.