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Annunziata Father. Extra Nuovi Arrivi. Chiesa di San Simone Abbiamo scelto il nome San Simone per i vini e la cantina in ricordo delle nostre origini. Risparmio energetico: isolamento termico dei vasi vinari e protezione dai raggi solari. Visualizzando 1 - 15 di Aggiungi all'Ordine.

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Aggiungi alla Lista Desideri. San Simone - Prosecco D. La vite, dopo il germogliamento avvenuto in aprile, ha sviluppato i rami normali e anticipati femminelle. Subito dopo si procede alla pigiatura, a basse atmosfere, attraverso la quale le bucce si staccano dalla polpa.

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Vinificazione in bianco. Dopo la fermentazione , per i vini bianchi si effettua la svinatura che serve a separare le fecce dal mosto. Non tutti i vini, per nostra fortuna, sono uguali, per cui, solo alcune sono regole fisse.

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A wanderer who has the lucky chance to stroll along some vineyards, spurred on by curiosity intentions, but most of all in quest of replies to his lust for knowledge T. Mid June sees the fruit setting , when the tiny bunches of berries begin to form. Then the berries grow until mid august, this phase is called herbaceous phase , at the end of which begins the veraison , when the berries gain color.

Now the berries begin to ripen , and sugars, poliphenols, amino-acids etc.

The harvest time depends on the variety of the grapes. It can begin in August for grapes devoted to become sparkling wines, until December, when are gathered the grapes that make eissweins, also known as ice-wines, first produced in Germany at the end of , after that a frosty season that chilled the bunches. The ongoing season has now led us close to the first harvests, but what happens to the grapes once they have been gently cut and set in the picking bins or boxes?

Our common memories link the gathering of grapes with the first mists, with the soft rains which foreshadow the oncoming autumn, though a joyful time. Usually the vine grower — or vine manager — together with the oenologist walks through the vineyards and nibbles some berries: a first tasting evaluation.

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The grapes are ripe when acidity and pH achieve what seems to be a perfect balance. A chemical analysis is so requested and the result will tell if the grapes are ready for gathering. The bunches are now set in the picking bins or boxes, and the gathering can be made by hand picking or with the aid of mechanical gatherers.

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The grapes are quickly taken to the cellar, and here begins the wine-making process; the operations are somewhat different depending if the grapes to be treated are white or red. The first step is the stemming ; this operation is aimed to separate the berries from the rachis, since this could transfer to the must some components — such as tannins, pectin or cellulose — which could affect the final result.

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Immediately after this step takes place the crushing , an operation that is effected rather gently; the purpose is to separate the skins from the pulp. The must is the liquid component while the pips and the skins are the solid part. Countdown to welcome you to the biggest event dedicated to the world of wine … where you will find a selection of our best products waiting for you!!! Vinitaly is an international exhibition of wine and spirits, held in Verona since , every year.

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