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Of course, one of the things that made FPH stand out was the cruel way it went about spreading its message.

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Both Fat Acceptance and HAES strive to change the way we think about fat people and the harmful attitudes some people hold toward them. As with any social movement, there's a vast spectrum of what people believe and how strongly they believe in it, and FPH tends to identify and perhaps exaggerate the more extreme views of Fat Acceptance and HAES and apply them to the whole movement.

Can Fat Shaming Ever Be Helpful? - Loose Women

Essentially, FPH is the antithesis of "acceptance," which is why the forum's posts were overtly cruel and nasty. Holliday has become the face and de facto spokesperson for Fat Acceptance because of her People cover.

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Over at FPH, Holliday's cover was viewed as a sign that the movement had gotten out of hand. And it wasn't long before she became an object of fixation at FPH. Reddit, warts and all, has always been a place where its users praised the existence of free speech — where FPH could exist alongside lesser-known subreddits like Forearm Porn and Swole Acceptance. The topics covered on the site are extremely varied; they range from sexual fantasies to video game strategies to, I'm guessing, sexual fantasies that involve video games.

Reddit is widely known as a place on the internet where people can find anything. And in the aftermath of FPH's demise, many Reddit users want more transparency on how the banning process works. The process seems subjective. For example, the racist subreddit known as Coontown 13, subscribers still exists, as does a subreddit devoted to "cute female corpses.

However, what separates those forums and FPH are the reports of harassment. As Pao explained to one Reddit user:. Going by this theory, FPH would still exist — and possibly could, in the future — if its subscribers stopped doing what they did to people like Rachel inundating her YouTube channel with mean comments, following her to Tumblr, etc. But there are a lot of people who think Reddit's decision will ultimately backfire.

One of the pervading beliefs is that the people who belonged to the FPH subreddit will scatter and start posting FPH-like posts in other subreddits, becoming a bigger problem for moderators especially than the more isolated FPH subreddit ever was. There are also some users who believe that in banning FPH, Pao has initiated a Streisand effect , turning FPH subscribers into internet martyrs by drawing attention to them. Ultimately, the move to ban FPH was Reddit's first huge step toward making the site a friendlier place.

And it seems the company has decided to draw the line in the sand at harassment. Back in , Reddit banned a subreddit called "Creepshots," a place where people shared sexualized pictures of women without the women's consent. But in , the subreddit appeared under a new name, calling itself "Candid Fashion Police.

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Something similar could very well happen with FPH. But I also knew to avoid those forums when visiting Reddit. I fear that eliminating them makes it more likely that their subscribers will post elsewhere, putting more pressure on Reddit to monitor more conversations. Reddit hasn't eliminated the FPHers, it's merely dispersed them. Reddit's move was admirable. The site shouldn't be used a vehicle for harassment.

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But banning a subreddit was the easy part. Then my grandma got sick and I took care of her full time, I couldn't leave her alone because I had no help, so I gained more weight," she revealed. According to her. I don't hate myself, or my body. I love who I am, and that took me my entire life to be able to honestly say those words. I love myself," she confessed.

Cardi B Responds To Backlash After Being Accused Of 'Fat-Shaming' A Woman - Capital XTRA

Body confidence coach Michelle Elman wrote a compelling Instagram letter addressing fat-shaming at the gym. She underlined the importance of making the gym a fat-friendly environment. Full stop. Not in a gym, not anywhere 2 Never laugh at a person ever. Health is not an appearance. Fat or thin, working out for aesthetic results is one of the things that cause an unhealthy relationship with your body. The same goes if your priority is weight loss, not health.

I am so invested in making the gym a fat-friendly place because the gym has been the home to so much fun in my life. Yes - the gym can be fun! It is my chance to connect with my body and FEEL my body! So stop punishing your body. And finally, PTs especially, stop assuming every fat person wants to lose weight!

Reddit bans 'Fat People Hate' and other subreddits under new harassment rules

A child therapist commented on the open letter on Reddit, highlighting how some adults do not grow out of the bullying stage. I am a therapist for children and see bullying incidents like this so often. The sad part is that many people don't grow out of this bullying stage At my last gym there was a gorgeous woman whose shoulders and upper arms would make a dude jealous; gorgeous to my eyes but obviously not in it for the svelte femininity aspect. Another woman had somehow misplaced one of her legs her replacement was pretty cool looking though.

But I think that's definitely the goal. To be fair, there is some positive plus-size representation on reality TV beyond Thore.

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The Bachelor , for instance, is notorious for having only thin female contestants. The show broke new ground, somewhat, in , when it featured plus-size model Bo Stanley as a candidate, but she was cut the first week. I would love to see it, especially in terms of desirability and love and sex appeal.

You don't see a fat person because they're not ready to present that a fat woman can be that way. That's a big problem. The series doesn't shy away from love, sex, or dating—Thore's "will she or won't she? Interspersed with this are narratives about her career, family life, and friendships.

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Her battle with PCOS is also discussed. In an Instagram post last year, Thore explained that the hormonal disorder has contributed to, but is not the sole cause of, her weight gain. In short, she is given the same treatment as any Real Housewife or Hills cast member. Of course, some of those experiences deal with weight, but Thore says she has no issues addressing them because fatphobia still exists.

I think at this point it just does the job of really putting it in people's faces so that they can think about it. One thing Thore hopes My Big Fat Fabulous Life makes people think about is the way our culture doesn't crack down on weight discrimination as harshly as it should. I have basically every privilege you could possibly have except that I'm fat. So not to say there isn't extreme racism and homophobia and transphobia—but I feel like when someone is that way, there's at least a pushback.

You don't see that with fat people. Some people think fat people aren't oppressed.