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Play Song. They say in this world Nothing lasts forever But i don't believe that's true 'cause the way that i feel When we're together I know that's the way I'll always feel for you Chorus From now until forever That's how long i'll be true I'll make you this vow And promise you now Until forever I'll never stop loving you And there'll come a day When the world stops turning The stars will fall from the sky But this feeling will last When the sun stops burning All i wanna do is love you 'til the end of time Chorus It's gonna take more than a lifetime To give you all the love All the love i feel for you tonight Chorus 'til fade.

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  • From now until forever.

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Mariah Carey - Forever

Chours: from now until forever that's how long i'll be true i'll make you this vow and promise you now until forever i'll never stop never stop i'll never stop loving you. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

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  8. What does this song mean to you? Verse: they say in this world nothing last forever but i dont believe that's true cause the was that i feel when we're together i no that's the way i'll always feel for you Chours: from now until forever thats how long i'll be true i'll make you this vow and promise you now until forever i'll never stop loving you Related. You gotta check out.

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