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It is by far the most far-reaching and empirically grounded study on the Europeanization of media discourse and political contention to date, and a must-read for anyone interested in how European integration changes democratic politics and why European integration has become increasingly contested. Ruud Koopmans, Paul Statham. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press ISBN Hardcover.

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Interessenvertretung aus dem Abseits. Public discourse on unemployment is shaped mainly by politicians, journalists, and representatives of social organizations. Initiative groups of unemployed people are rarely asked for their opinions. Indeed, what they call for is often dismissed as unjustified.

The author has analyzed documents and the communication strategies of initiative groups that are trying to anchor their perspectives on unemployment firmly in the public debate. Britta Baumgarten. Smooth Path or Long and Winding Road? This volume presents an empirical study of how national institutions and regulations in Britain and Germany affect the transition from the system of higher education to the labour market. These countries represent two different types of political economy — the liberal and the coordinated — manifested in their education and training systems and their labour market institutions.

The analysis focuses on four institutional areas: the structure of the university system, the content and occupational specificity of study, the nature of the labour market for academics, and labour market regulation. Cross-national comparison definitely confirms that institutions largely decide placement in the employment system.

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Kathrin Leuze. Occupation and family obviously still fail to mesh in Germany. Some 5. She also uses personal portraits of women to illustrate the range of desires, life paths, and problems that lead to nonemployment. She clearly argues that the state would do well to eliminate typical barriers thwarting reentry to the labour market and to offer women active assistance, for they are needed as qualified employees and have the right to work.

Bielefeld: transcript. ISBN: Die Klima-Manipulateure. Rettet uns Politik oder Geo-Engineering? Will the engineers come to the rescue when the politicians fail? Conceptually and practically, the volume examines two approaches: solar radiation management and carbon dioxide removal. Two prominent technological possibilities for cooling the earth are presented, one involving stratospheric sulfate injections; the other, fertilization of the oceans with iron.

An additional essay maps and assesses the arguments for and against the different variants of geoengineering. Other current topics discussed are developments in law, business, and civil society that mark innovative approaches to dealing with nature and the environment beyond the spheres of policy and engineering. Simonis, Ernst U. Stuttgart: Hirzel Verlag. Verschenkte Potenziale? Jutta Allmendinger. Warum der Absturz der Staatsfinanzen uns alle trifft. The trap threatens everyone — the working population, pensioners, investors, and savers.

Its impacts can be drastic, comparable to those of hyperinflation or a currency reform. Addressing the informed layperson and the seasoned expert alike, the authors explains in clear terms everything one must know about the debt crisis. The volume consists of three parts that may be read in any order.

The first part describes the major national bankruptcies of the past and the ominous development of the national debts to date. The second part separates myths from facts about public debt and identifies the reasons for it as well as the effects it has.

The third part answers crucial questions about the current national debt crisis, evaluates the policy measures for grappling with it, and shows possible ways out of the problem. Kai A. Die neue Ost-West-Arbeitsteilung. Many companies have moved parts of their production processes to countries where wage levels are far lower than in their own.

There are special patterns characterizing the division of labour in the large automotive manufacturing companies, not all of which are associated with transfer. The book explores, for example, the specialization in compact cars and the resiting of labour-intensive manufacturing to eastern central Europe. Health promotion and disease prevention have to be adapted to the life world of the people for whom the measures are intended, particularly if such efforts are to reach socially disadvantaged population groups.

These interventions and services are difficult, if not impossible, to standardize and are usually embedded in complex interactions involving cooperation partners at various levels. The approach known as participative quality development responds to these special circumstances.

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It rests on the basic assumption that quality work must first be defined and delivered from the bottom up. From the definition of a problem to the evaluation of results, participative quality development therefore focuses the planning of interventions on the active involvement of the staff and of the people addressed.

That emphasis enables all the participants to acquire new abilities in the development and assessment of their own work and to apply that competence in the interest of systematic learning drawn from their own practical experience. The volume introduces the reader to the concepts and methods of participatory quality development and deals with actively bringing them into disease prevention and health promotion oriented to the life world of socially disadvantaged groups.

Michael T. Bern: Verlag Hans Huber.

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Research shows that the program has improved the basic conditions for creating new enterprises but on the whole but that it has been unable to increase the number of academics willing to become self-employed. The authors attribute this ineffectiveness to the cameralist structures within which most German universities still operate.

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Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft. Reformen in Wohlfahrtsstaaten. To cast light on the factors determining government action, the author conducts a comparative study of the measures taken by 18 OECD countries to reform pension and social insurance from to The interest centers on the questions of whether there are specific constellations that encourage or discourage reforms, which roles the participating actors play, and what the significance is of political institutions such as majority and proportional suffrage, federalism and centralism, and unicameral and bicameral systems. The empirical findings show that neither the type of democracy nor the urgency of a given problem directly influences reform activity in welfare state regimes.

Although political institutions do constitute a limiting or facilitating framework for political decision-making, the crucial part is the actors, that is, the governments and the parties on which they are built. The way in which the action space is used depends on the specific constellations of actors - single-party or multiparty government and the number of coalition partners.

Alexander Petring. Relationale Soziologie. Zur kulturellen Wende der Netzwerkforschung Netzwerkforschung, Bd. Relational sociology is presented in this book as an innovative approach to theory and research. It has developed in North America over the last twenty years and is concerned in general with the theoretical modeling and empirical analysis of social networks as sociocultural formations. Unlike classical, structuralist research on networks, studies using relational sociology take structural and cultural elements to be essential in the creation and preservation of social networks.

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The volume's collection of international essays points out some of relational sociology's theoretical concepts and empirical fields of application and relates them to other sociological schools, such as systems theory, the sociology of conventions, and actor-network theory. The book thereby affords insight into basic ideas, major thematic interests, and the richness of this approach. The World Says No to War.

February 15, , stands for the largest protest in history to date. On that day millions of people the world over demonstrated to ward off a looming war against Iraq. This volume presents a comparative study on the people who took part in these events, the motives and expectations the demonstrators had, and what led to their mobilization.

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