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Yet Eden, as we know, was also a place where deception lay in wait and some potential clues scattered in the description should be observed. Then, this Eden contains games of an ambiguous sort.

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The chess game used in art, carved out on the ivory lids of mirrors, frequently served to express or suggest the game of love. One may doubt this since the text is torn between contradictory representations of water conveying both anxiety and serenity, but converging to suggest the trap into which Dorigen falls. Blending is made explicit by the yoking together of the real and the supernatural as the poem draws towards its conclusion. The removal of the fateful rocks, as one may easily understand, is achieved through the physical attraction of the sun and the moon, Phebus and Lucina.

Though not a scientist himself, Chaucer was interested in philosophy, science and astronomy — one of the seven liberal arts 26 — an interest which is confirmed by another of his works, The Treatise on the Astrolabe. It is necessary to re-examine certain motifs in order to discover another approach to the text. These black boulders and the ships sailing there may be read as the pawns on a vast, watery chess-board which Dorigen hopes to have removed in order to facilitate the return of her knight. In this way, she herself becomes a pawn in the hands of both Aurelius and Arveragus.

Brief abstract of the French Revolution

Perhaps the only real form of magic lies in the narrative anamorphosis of the courtly chess-board into a larger transaction space reflected on the surface of the sea with the numerous ships sailing by or the challenge of the rocks expressing the binding, sometimes contradictory, ties of any negotiation. Medieval wonders and mirabilia were gradually disappearing, or their narrative effects vied with the asserted presence of mechanicalia 29 and the accumulation of rational approaches to natural prodigies.

Thus, the pledge between Dorigen and Arveragus is not primarily courtly love but suggests the reality and formal nature of marriage as mutual agreement in medieval western societies. Enchantment, thus, may be understood as witchcraft, magic, or simply the bewitching quality of the text. Larry D. Benson, ; Oxford, Oxford University Press, , p. Courtly love is linked with a specific conception of the medieval lady. Benson, p. Brewer, , p. Sobecki, op. Essai sur la fonction sociale du jeu , Paris, Gallimard, , p.

Another useful reference on gardens is Sur la Terre comme au ciel. Abrams, , p. Le masque et le vertige , Paris, Gallimard, ; J. Huizinga, op. Henri stayed and seemed to sleep in a different place each night, he had a sociable time. We left by coach to visit the massive Chateau of Villandry. The gardens are extensive and the view from the battlements impressive. I regret that one of our number, he shall remain nameless—I hope!

He waved a Union Flag and reclaimed the castle for The British! For fear of being thrown from the battlements he beat a hasty and ignominious retreat, and that is the last we heard about it. It was an interesting visit. When the sun comes out the de Chazals pose for photos, except for Jaqueline who, as an Australian, covers up. It was only an hour or so before the coach would pick us up for the evening activities. We gathered at Rochefuret—I hope photos are on the web. The rain held off and the sun came out, the bar was open and all there made the most of the opportunity to meet each other and catch up on the lives of their cousins.

Mike Fanya and Bruncle found a common interest in cricket; It mattered not that we were not all related by blood, the camaraderie and commonality of brotherhood was present. Sunday evening: Our meal had been laid in the house opposite the chateau: much thought had gone into this and our place settings and the decoration gave the occasion a very special atmosphere. This was the opportunity for speeches of which there were many in the three languages—all short and to the point, delivered from the natural vantage point of the stairs which rose at one side of the room.

Each speech accompanied by an appropriate national flag. The big suggestion is that we should all meet in South Africa in I am sure your ideas and suggestions will be well received, specially now at this early stage.

Practice Aloha.

Send them to Jean Pierre or write to the message board so we can all comment. The family is multiplying fast. We all wish to foster the family relationship; the name, or the percentage of de Chazal blood running through your veins, is immaterial. South Africa should be a super venue, let us hope that it proves possible. Richard Dold is already gearing up for it. Did everyone dress for dinner? Anne Dauphine, Anne and Christine had fabulous dresses.

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Anny looked a million dollars as usual. The ladies had made a successful effort but few of the men had responded. Bruncle is rarely seen without a suit and my special de Chazal tie was much admired.

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Azay is a beautiful place in the sunshine but it is very overcast and dull so is not seen to best advantage. Wonderful tapestries and all the rooms were animated by dummies dressed in costume through the ages; lovely materials and complex embroidery. On the top floor is the depiction of Sleeping Beauty. I think the original author of the legend actually lived in this castle. In the roof we could see something of the construction methods; really complex carpentry.

The weather was not hot and sunny, I believe a bar-b-q had been organised, no problem, we found our places inside and had a good meal before returning to our hotels. Rochefuret once again was our host for the evening, the drink flowed and I do not remember talking to all those I wished to—time seemed short. I was very pleased to have the honour of sitting next to Tante Claire, she has high standards, rules the roost and has a great sense of humour. Claire could have spoken of those days but she clearly lives in the 21th Century and has her feet on the ground.

She was delighted that Rochefuret could play its part in fostering family unity. Tuesday: Activities on this last day were curtailed as most wished to return to Paris. The group had already seen several departures. There were less than 20 of us for lunch held in grand style in The Chateau. David Ardil: I was at school with him. Thelma and I had spent some time with his wife Nellie in Charlotte. I was sorry to miss them and their family.

Jacques Poutet de Chazal tells me that he shared a table with David and enjoyed his company. I have never met Jacques, whose life story is touching some of his story is on the de Chazal web. My father lived for a while in Le Cannet where Jacques now lives, and I know the area quite well. I understand the reasons why the South Americans could not be there. They were missed. The Galland family had left before we arrived, my father often spoke of them and I have never met them. Julien is convinced that we will not see him at the next reunion but he has said this before so I am not sure if I believe him, we wish him well.

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Her sister Claire stayed behind to care for her parents, Mark and Eva. There was certainly a younger element at Rochefuret Yves,Georgeou,Roxana Maximo and Montserrat amongst others, all busy people but it would have been lovely to see a whole crowd, complete with babies and children.

Makes me think that a week camping should be organized for them; Grandparents staying in hotels not too far away could take over the babies and bar-b-q while the parents go out to play in the evening. Apart from Dorrie and her daughter there were few whom I was not aware of. Carosin Baissac Robert and Wiehe, are just some of the well known names which were not represented. Neither the name nor the percentage of de Chazal blood is important, what is required is a will to be amongst Family and to feel the unity which exists at these reunions.

They are fun and we missed them in France. Thanks are due to Anne-Dauphine who worked so hard. I do not know for sure, but I think that she had little help from anyone apart from the de Grivel family in Paris and Rochefuret.

Tante Claire for hosting so many events and Francois for starting these reunions about 20 years ago. Jean Pierre and Anny whose quiet diplomacy and encouragement and perhaps obstinacy in the background has had a huge influence on our reunion which has enjoyed a success exceeding our expectations. From what we heard thanks are also due to the Mayor of Marcilly and all the Chazals of the region for their wonderful welcome to the de Chazal Family.

Thelma and I obviously regret not being at this highlight of the festivities. Thank you also for being at the Reunion and reading this. Thelma and I were happy to meet you and will always enjoy hearing from you. Translation in English: Christopher de Chazal —.