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One perspective: Would you allow your child to run to the open playground in the middle of the city unattended? Another perspective: Are you going to make your child sit and look out the window as all the other neighborhood kids play in your front yard? Embrace and educate yourself.

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My apologies for the multiple names. Seems like an odd topic, right? Ok, so more developments. For years, I had been a client and a friend to MMS… it only seemed natural to join in on the fun ;. I really like titles that are a mouthful. The longer the title, the more giddy I am. The best part of this gig? Instead of wrapping myself around ONE project, I now get to wrap myself around any number of projects!

I get to help many people — yay! As for my beloved blog, which is growing to be quite the latch key pre-tween [epic fail, izzy]. For a period of time, I stopped blogging here due to commitments elsewhere, followed by lack of content or doubling up of rants. My bitter sweet sadness is temporary, I still have the faith! The new social world for pre-tweens, tweens, and teens? Anyway — check out my blog post above for Metaverse Mod Squad! You may see a bit more insight on where my brain is at these days in regards to kids online. I hope to see everyone at Digital Kids!

If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on such a place — comment in the comments below! Joi Podgorny. Tonda, Chris and crew are promoting on the regular social channels — Facebook , Twitter , etc. In prep for the conference, I was interviewed about my predictions for our industry in You can see the whole interview here. View original post 6 more words.

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But, I digress…. This is, of course, just my point of view… but you never quite know who may identify with it. Weird statement, right? Not on purpose, mind you. Which goes back to — I was incorrect.

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When I was diagnosed with ADD — it was a bit of a god send. We started seeking alternative methods to help support my learning disability — finding my strengths in the play patterns I naturally gravitated to — STORIES. Me and my world-o-Barbie? Yay for self-contrived self-confidence!

Lol, sure, but its true. Additionally, writing provided me an opportunity to appeal to others with context, emotion, and creative expression — I discovered the existence and the magic of possibility through another perspective. Two people can be correct but with different statements? Hurry to Japan " Transcription: " Tsuigeki! Tailmon" Transcription: " Unmei no Kizuna! Zudomon Spark! Get Rid of the Darkness! Yami o Buttobase! The Dark Masters! WarGreymon vs. Oh Light!

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Hiro Masaki. Hiroki Shibata. Takahiro Imamura. Yoshio Urasawa. Satoru Nishizono. Chiaki J. Paildramon" Transcription: " Muteki Gattai! Defeat Gorillamon! Gorimon o Taose! Let's Play with Calumon!

Northern Territory police for 'sadistic cat killer' after family's beloved cat 'Izzy' is killed

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Izzy alongside the rest of Jake's crew makes numerous appearances in various books and comics. Some stories are mere adaptations of the series various episodes. In Ahoy, Izzy! The story recall events from the other adventures that Izzy uses her Pixie Dust to help her crew in emergencies. In the online game "Izzy's Flying Adventure.

Izzy also gives the play instructions how to play. In the online game "Never Land Games". Like the episode its based upon the player play as Izzy in the second challenge sailing across Shipwreck Lagoon on Shipwreck Beach against Captain Hook while avoiding various hazard within the lagoon such as logs,whirlpools and various wildlife like hippos and the Tick-Tock Croc in order to win the Never Land Teamwork Trophy.

In "Puttin' Pirates". Izzy is one of the playable characters the player can play as. Izzy plays a minor role in the application " Jake's Treasure Trek.

Izzy later reappears at the end of the game congratulating Jake for his efforts recovering Tinker Bell's magical lantern. Thanks for letting me know you were thinking of me, rooting for me and praying for my safe return. It has been a trip for the ages, a dream come true and a testament of what you can do if you really want to. I am blessed in so many ways. I realize how lucky I have been. Now I want to share in those blessings and use them to help others.

I am using this opportunity to help jump-start the next chapter in my life. So if you are not tired of reading about my traveling tales, keep posted — a whole new experience will be unfolding soon. I mean, yeah, I picked up a couple things here and there, but clothes and souvenirs were not part of my agenda.