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How do you recognize it? Drive starts with breeding. So I tell people in training that if you have a dog with no drive there is no point. It is genetics; it is from breeding. Some people thing that if you have an aggressive dog that that is drive. It is not drive. Not only must the mother show it, it must be in the breed line of the mother. I test my pups at seven weeks. And when I test. What I do is I put a sock or something on a leash, put it on the ground and move it.

I want to see how fast the dog catches it.

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If the pup only holds on to it, it is not good enough. It must be a proper bite. Sometimes the first time he will only hold; then ten seconds late he will bite. That is the basis in drive you must see it. Also I show people how to build up drive. If you have a pup at nine. This is very important first, building up the drive because you will need it in protection or in tracking.

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  • If the dog has no drive you can forget it. So you need dogs with ingrained drive. If the dog does not have drive you can train till you are 80 years old but you will not be successful. Then you have to build it up every day.

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    By building up the drive, you improve your bond with the dog. Today I saw some dogs who the handler called yet the dog did not come. There was no bonding. DW: How do you go about starting a dog training programme? The first thing is that you must make a plan.

    This is the biggest issue and the biggest problem we encounter with trainers around the world. I am not a guy for nice video tapes talking etc. Just come on the field and show me what. Later on we can talk about your problem and I will give you advice on how to do things better. Should they not be banned? In the US people go to their car, bring out the dog and just start with the electronic collar.

    They think that the e-collar is a magic tool, The e-collar can be good but you must know how to use it. It must be used only at the last moment to correct the dog.

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    If you think you can use it to learn. Forget it. All these American guys have the e-collars. It depend on who is using it. Sometimes, even a pin collars is not bad but you should know in which situations to use them,. There are dogs who would panic if you used a pin collar on them, but if you are a good handler you would know this in advance. Especially those dogs who have no drive.

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    I know handlers who are so clever, and have become world champions using only electric devices and the dogs take it very well. These dogs score high points in obedience, the dog is so scared of the handler that he performs. They score good points. Many judges cannot see that it is fake.

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    Their dogs become world champions, they get a lot of stud work, make a lot of money -- then they ruin the breed. Some of these gadget training people are beginners For instance, if you have just passed your driving license, I would not give you a Ferrari to drive. You would kill yourself. You should start with a Toyota. This is how they ruin the breed. How can one prevent this? The GSD is my dog of choice. They will come into a room play with you no problem. Dogs MUST be socialized at an early age to build their confidence. People think that if you have a social dog, it cannot be a police dog.

    That is rubbish! All the things I see here in Nigeria, were the same in the Netherlands and in Germany and other counties. But now in our countries they say we want a dog that is confident. In the past Malinois went around biting everything and everybody.

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    The reason was that they were highly strung. If a dog lacks confidence, with certain types of training it will bite. Spotlight on Dogs When Zakki Adzee, the torchlight bearer, owner of four dogs Black, Power, Tiger and Bingo , hit the Nigerian music scene with his traditional Hip Pop and Gida music, those who thought that Hip-Pop was a southern phenomenon were all in for a rude awakening. Zakki was able to infuse the Nigerian music scene with a series of Hausa Hip-Pop styles and lyrics, followed by creative music videos that left no-one in doubt as to the extent of his musical genius.

    I prefer dogs. Dogs are very friendly animals and intelligent as well. They can be lively.

    Although some of them are very dull, I do not like those ones, just as some human beings are dull so you find that some dogs are dull tool. I like bright and intelligent dogs. They can also be so useful. Zakki continues to propagate the gospel of Hip-Pop music according to different Northern innuendoes that have brought him fame and much success.

    I was horrified when I saw people bringing in poor quality imported dogs.