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Buy it here. Content warning: grief, loss, death. Buy, read, enjoy. My first book, The Doll House , was published last year.

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Watch this space! Do you think this has helped you improve your writing or editing process and, if so, how? Yes, definitely. I work with a long list of authors, so I see both sides of the process. Working as an Editor in publishing has given me a wider understanding of the commercial market, I think, and seeing it from both sides helps me empathise more with authors, and gives me a different perspective. Do you think aspiring authors should get some experience in the publishing industry to help with their writing and career?

I would suggest they read widely and read around their chosen genre. I know a lot of writers who balance writing around full time jobs, some of whom have children as well which is awe-inspiring! Do you have a place you always go to write, or somewhere you feel most inspired? The shelves above the desk have some little reminders — a plant my agent gave me, a poster with an inspirational quote, my books about publishing. How much planning and outlining do you undertake before beginning to write your novel?

I find it really difficult. Everyone works in different ways. I prefer to get the first draft done and then edit it. I probably end up writing more drafts. Although I am trying to learn how to cook… with mixed results. If you have one piece of advice to offer to young aspiring authors, what would it be?

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Be persistent. You have to keep going.

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You can also follow her on Twitter, Facebook , and Instagram. A big thank you to Niall for organizing such an insightful interview with Phoebe!

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That was my soundtrack this morning, when I was cleaning my house; I danced around with my mop and vacuum and thought of how simple life was back then… As it stands at the moment, I have edits to do on one of my novels, plotting and writing to do on the other, a part-time job, and a Masters degree to contend with. Oh, younger Beth, you really did have it easy, kid.

After blitzing my house a regular past-time whenever I get a day off work , I escaped to my nearest coffee shop — which is now, amazingly, about three minutes walk from home. God bless Costa for opening a store on every street corner. Speaking of, manuscript playlists are something that I find hugely helpful when writing. Yesterday was deadline day hooray , which means the first five chapters of my latest novel have now been submitted to my manuscript editor for review. A little uncertainty is always fun. It was sunny earlier! Unpredictable British weather.

I can hack it. I should probably get back to working on the manuscript. I hope everyone has a great day! But nobody ever made a bestselling novel by holing themselves up in their room for three years. As writers, we need the support and inspiration from people around us to feed our writing — and there are so many different ways we can keep in touch with the outside world while still focusing on our works in progress.

I find that Twitter is one of the more useful platforms for writers. March 20, Local News Tyler.

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