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When she travels to his house, Red will chatter the whole way in the car and sing along to music. But as soon as they arrive and the minute the front door opens she is silent.

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How she stands, how she walks. It's very dramatic. Finding our voices.

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SM Space Cafe Facebook. Although her grandad works extra hard to make her feel comfortable, Red's mouth will stay firmly shut while she is in the house. If they stay overnight, the most Red can manage is a loud whisper to say goodnight to her mum. She just can't relax until the car door slams and they get on the motorway. Carrie talks casually about how Red will simply nod or shake her head to get her point across, but it's clear that she finds it difficult that her only child has never spoken to her father. John himself has called it "heartbreaking". After the documentary aired, Red remembers with amusement a letter which the family received, in which a viewer said it was no wonder she was mute, with a name like Red Elizabeth Jolley.

But in reality the cause of selective mutism is unknown.

Traumatic mutism comes on after a negative experience and affects communication with everyone. But selective mutism only affects talking to certain people, and there is no logic to who is, or isn't, on the "list". When she was 12 years old, Red was walking back from a netball game and slipped. She didn't cry much, or make a fuss, which Anita McKiernan says is typical of people with selective mutism. She has worked with children who have broken bones and not told anyone until they got home.

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Red had dislocated her knee. When it came to treatment, she was so anxious she didn't allow anybody to touch her leg. She would not communicate with doctors, and did not give consent for treatment. She would cry if somebody walked in the room too quickly, worrying they would move the air over her knee. Her anxiety meant she needed to be sedated for an MRI scan. The pressure on the family led to her dad signing off work from the stress.

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After missing five months of school, two major operations and physiotherapy, Red now walks with a limp. When she was growing up, there were about eight people who Red could talk to without struggling to get the words out. Over her teenage years, her anxiety lessened and she can now speak to new people. But just as with her grandad, there are a few aunts and uncles who she's never spoken to. Red thinks she'll never be able to overcome this.

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