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Langsam, mit innigem Ausdruck Rasch und feurig Zart und mit Ausdruck Lebhaft, leicht Rasch und mit Feuer Nicht schnell Lebhaft Rasch Langsam, mit melancholischem Ausdruck Sehr rasch, mit leidenschaftlichem Vortrag Ziemlich langsam Lebhaft, nicht zu schnell Lebhaft und sehr markiert Ruhiges Tempo, mit zartem Ausdruck Lebhaft, sehr markiert Total Playing Time: Composition Title. Disc Title.

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Click to learn more. Music features centrally in the novel Count Omega, whose composer-hero succumbs to his own ambition.

Winter Tales - Fantasies In Flesh (full album) 1998

It is a comic twist on the Faust legend, a striking forerunner to Thomas Mann's tragic musical novel Doctor Faustus, which appeared only a few years later. In First Childhood, the first of his two splendid and equally funny autobiographies both published last year by Turtle Point Press , Lord Berners describes a portrait of his Victorian grandmother which hung in the dining-room at her estate. It showed her dressed in a rather elaborate evening gown of the period, smiling benevolently in complete disregard of a terrific thunderstorm that was approaching her in the background.

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He goes on to remark that the picture might, in fact, have stood for an allegory of the later Victorian period. In Lord Berners's own time, the storm had broken. The fact that he continued to smile benevolently through his wonderful stories is both a touch of his class and his class's last hurrah. Michael Alec Rose is a music professor at Vanderbilt University. Sign up for our newsletters!