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Living Heartwood Series by Trisha Wolfe

This is one book that will never leave you. The depth of emotion is so potent that it really grabs you and takes you on this journey and you feel every emotion along with Sam and Holden. You will read it and no matter how long it is since you read it, it still stays with you long after you've finished. I cannot praise The Darkest Part and Trisha enough.

Trisha Wolfe is definitely one author to watch out for. I can see big things for her in the future. Her writing is perfect and her storytelling is one of pure talent and power. The Darkest Part really shows the extent to her storytelling skills and it is pure perfection in every way. Oct 04, Coco.

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I have said it before and will say it again, I love Trisha Wolfe. She is an amazing writer who creates these characters that I adore, and never want for them to leave my heart. Her stories leave me breathless, panting, and seriously rooting for the main characters despite the circumstances because they are relatable, they feel and express powerful emotions, and the romances are sizzling. The Darkest Part is no exception to any of this and only increases my level of love for Trish and her writin I have said it before and will say it again, I love Trisha Wolfe.

The Darkest Part is no exception to any of this and only increases my level of love for Trish and her writing. Sam is seeing her dead boyfriend and I can't decide how much it was contemporary or if is should be classified as more of a paranormal, because I believe her and don't think that she is crazy. I think that she is legitimately seeing his spirit and that she is on a mission to help him cross over and find peace instead of fading into the dark.

This book is written in dual perspective and it flashes back to Sam and Tyler's life so that we get a picture of their love and relationship, but we also see Sam and Holden, the other main character, and this is where things get really complicated in the most juicy way possible. Holden and Tyler and brothers and Tyler and Sam grew up best friends, but Sam and Holden also have a romantic past, but it doesn't end well. And I yearned for the moment where I found out Holden's side because from Sam's perspective he just seems like a big jerk, but I knew that something more.

Because I fell for Holden too. The psychological element seemed really well done and researched. As one who suffers from depression, I can relate with what Sam was going through. As a daughter and seeing my mom going through losing my dad, the love of her life, I also can really vouch and relate to the paralyzing grief and feeling of being lost, and tell you that Trisha really nails it. It was a mystery in the sense that I didn't know if she was really seeing Tyler or if it was really a psychosis.

The road trip aspect was also a lot of fun. It brought Holden and Sam together and they bonded over their love for Tyler and on the way found themselves healing. They also build on that friendship they used to have, and I loved every single conversation, deep, light and even the fights because so much truth comes out. Things that shouldn't be hidden.

I felt for Sam, but also saw her strength and was proud of herself wanting to heal and taking steps to stand up for herself, and still wanting to honor Tyler's memory. I fell in love with Holden, because even though he has a rough past, and has mistakes, he loved his brother, and made unbelievable sacrifices for him.

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He is sexy, confident, but will help those he loves and give them the shirt off his back. We also find out that Tyler had secrets, and it was painful to find out the darker side of him. It also made me begin to question some of the things I thought were facts. Some of it was a great surprise and twist in the story as well. This is realistic, emotional and powerful.

Beautifully written and it touched my heart. I will read anything Trisha writes and definitely can't wait for the next book in the Living Heartwood series. Powerful, emotional, beautifully written with a building and sizzling romance. I opened this, safe in the knowledge that all I had read before I had liked, and expected good things.

I think it's safe to say I got good things. In fact, with such a beautifully emotional story and with characters you just want to hug, I'd go so far as to say I got wonderful things.

At first disbelieving I don't think it's possible to be disappointed by Trisha Wolfe. At first disbelieving, now she holds on to seeing him and talking to him to help her get through each day. Her parents, on the other hand, have her meeting with a psychiatrist. She decides she needs to help Tyler cross over, and a plan starts to form: Never mind the fact that she might not be ready for him to go.

Readers Live A Thousand Lives: Book Blast: The Darkest Part by: Trisha Wolfe

When Holden, Tyler's brother, returns to the neighbourhood to see where Tyler's case is at, Sam enlists his help to get hold of his brother's ashes. Holden is the last person she wants to ask given their past, but there's no other choice. What she doesn't plan is for Holden coming with her. Holden, who is increasingly worried at Sam's mental state with each day.

Holden, who has secrets of his own. With the past clinging tightly to both of them, it's uncertain whether they'll be able to make it back out. This is a bit of a difficult one because it's marketed as a contemporary, yet there also seems to the be the possibility of the supernatural. The matter of Tyler's ghost and Sam's mental state is portrayed in such a way as to leave room for doubt.

The darkest part trisha wolfe epub

A little more definition may have been desirable, but I believe it works equally well either way. Whichever end of the spectrum this book falls at, the ghost works to bring a delicious level of darkness, on the one hand through its own presence and on the other through conveying Sam's highly troubled state of mind. Add to that a roadtrip and two characters each undergoing their own emotional journey, and there was no way I was being parted from this book before finishing.

Once again Wolfe's writing style proves irresistible, flexible enough that she creates a world so different from her usual creations - real rather than fantasy - and yet still so complex. In addition to which, two perspectives that are clearly different. Sam and Holden are both broken characters, shown to be so in different ways. Ghost or no ghost, she isn't ready to let Tyler go, and that has caused her to let go of herself.

Holden is barely holding it together under the weight of guilt and secrets - and now also being close to Sam. One of the things that really struck me about him was how thoughtful he was. As far as he's concerned Sam is unstable, and in his interactions with her you can see him think through what the best approach would be at any given moment so that she isn't pushed too hard arguments withstanding. It probably sounds patronising here, but the novel depicts someone very intelligent and very concerned.

For such broken characters, then, I thought the roadtrip a perfect way to make and show their own personal journeys. I think that's one of the reasons I love roadtrip stories. At the same time as honouring Tyler's memory they were making their own, and the dynamics between them were constantly changing. There was outright hostility and forgiveness and fear and love and everything in between, not to mention the pretty awesome Biker Melody helping things along. The past was confronted, demons or do I mean ghosts?

Until finally there was just me, face stretched into a wide smile and the presence of two new characters in my heart. The Darkest Part shows what it means to lose someone and to let go. It's beautiful, emotional, well-written. Frankly by this point I don't expect anything less of Trisha Wolfe. If you haven't yet read anything by this author, I would strongly urge you to do so. Seriously, why haven't you? Whether it's myth, fantasy, adventure or, as is the case here, mystery, emotion or even simply a tale of two individuals, there is no doubt that she has you sorted.

As much as I'm doing this trip for Tyler, truth is, I'm doing it for me, too. I'm tired of being scared. I'm doing this to set Tyler free, yes, to help him cross over--but deep down, I know it's about more.

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Who others say is a hallucination. Only problem is, she has to go with Holden or not go at all. Why is this a problem? Now, spending even five minutes in a room with him seems insurmountable. I found this to be really intriguing; hopeless; dark.