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Are you ready to join an elite hush-hush collection of civilian spies?

Who had managed to harness the power of the ocean? What did they want? Only the girl could tell him. And she lay in a coma so deep that nothing could wake her Brief Sample Kate could hardly wait for the evening, when Ruben would be home. Ruben, Ruben, Ruben!

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Such an old-fashioned name, but it suited him. Ruben, Ruben! She could picture him swinging into the drive on his motor-scooter. Whoever heard of a London barrister going to and from Lincoln's Inn Fields on a little machine painted as blue as her eyes? The Dawn of Darkness by John Creasey.

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The League of Light by John Creasey. Prophet of Fire by John Creasey. Children of Despair by John Creasey.

The Killers of Innocence by John Creasey. The Touch of Death by John Creasey. The Mists of Fear by John Creasey. The Flood by John Creasey. The Plague of Silence by John Creasey. The Drought by John Creasey. The Terror by John Creasey. The Depths by John Creasey.

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The Sleep by John Creasey. The Inferno by John Creasey. The Famine by John Creasey. The Blight by John Creasey. The Oasis by John Creasey.

  1. The Insulators (Dr Palfrey, book 31) by John Creasey.
  2. Bombe a inchiostro (BUR Futuropassato) (Italian Edition)?
  3. Il segreto supremo (Scienza della relazione) (Italian Edition)!
  4. Atrapada en sus brazos (Bianca) (Spanish Edition);
  5. God Bless America!

The Smog by John Creasey. The Unbegotten by John Creasey. The Insulators by John Creasey. The Voiceless Ones by John Creasey. The Baron was clearly a clone of the Saint but it held its own nicely. The list could continue. But Creasey did take these imitative ideas and give them his own breath. And he did so while writing over of them!!! From a spy-fi point of view, however, the Palfrey series is a mixed bag. The first few are certainly belonging in the genre - the last few not so much. Still, some belong, the series belongs, and if you are interested in social and environmental issues, these books are worth the time.

My Grade: B. Well, true they are not spy novels per se, though there are madmen threatening the world in most of them at the least in the Fu Manchu tradition and it is a secret organization. I do like the character of Palfrey who can give M lessons in ruthlessness when needed. Granted you have to admire how resilient the planet is since it is nearly destroyed in several books yet back in order in the next, but New York survived all the Spider's apocalypses so I can't really complain too much.

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  • These are the most personal of Creasey's books in regard to his strong political ideas he formed his own party and ran for office and in many ways his most humane. He always seemed to put a little more of himself into the Palfrey books. Tell us what you think of the series. Give your grade and comments. Hello, Guest Sign In Register. Palfrey, he is approached because of his expertise in diseases which make him the perfect man to undertake a particular clandestine task.

    Joining Department Z-5, Palfrey helps root out a traitor. Palfrey and Z-5 are determined to find as many as possible and get them out.

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    Note this book was revised in Note - apparently revised in Palfrey and his good friend Andromovitch are determined to close the pipeline. Forming a group called the Hounds Of Vengeance, they are getting their revenge through killing and Palfrey's group must stop it.

    Palfrey is charmed into investigating the disappearance of large amounts of radium, much needed in medicine. Soon he finds himself faced with a Black Market scheme that threatens the fragile stability of all of Europe. They find a woman lying on the floor indoors but dead from a great fall.

    This standard mystery is a bridge between the war years and the cold-war adventures.

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    Palfrey is the victim of an attempted assassination while playing in a cricket match. A former FBI agent is killed trying to get a message to Palfrey. Palfrey must find the connection. Palfrey thinks the man's goal is to set India and Pakistan further against each other. He doesn't know it but he also has a small box that someone is smuggling in.

    Each of the friars also had such a box. He has amassed a sizeable army of supporters and placed the United States in immediate peril. Palfrey is naturally interested but becomes even more so when someone tries to kill him. Then five of the agents Palfrey sent in never returned and one who did was so mad that he had to be killed. For several years he works in secret but now he is a hunted man, certain to die. Palfrey must get into the Soviet Union, locate the man in deep hiding, and get him out alive.

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    • Then they became drowsy, feverish, and then terribly ill. Slowly they came out of it but they were different.

      And they were under the command of a woman whose plan for control of the country rested with children under the age of ten. Whoever had the misfortune to come in contact with it died very soon thereafter. The power of the mineral was tremendous but dangerous and someone has found out how to control it.