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Always close all windows and entrances before adjusting the slides. Do not place items too close to the canvas. Do not hang objects from any of the fixings inside the tent intended for the inners. This will cause undue stress on the canvas and may cause distortion. The objects you hang may also cause damage to the canvas during windy conditions. When re-waterproofing your SoulPad tent, look for products that also include UV protection.

Compare your SoulPad canvas fly sheet with the canvas bag it came in. They are made of the same material but it is likely that the canvas bag has been less exposed to UV. Is there a marked difference in colour? If so, it may be time to treat your canvas fly sheet. UV can also lead to a reduction in the effectiveness of the waterproofing and anti-fungal treatments. All of the components used to produce SoulPads tents have anti-UV treatments and properties but will need to be monitored carefully and replaced at the first sign of degradation.

SoulPads can be used straight out of the bag, without any need for treatments prior to use. However, the treatments will not last forever. Your SoulPads lifespan will depend largely on how well you replenish these treatments. Guy lines and slides will eventually need replacing and a common cause for accelerated wear can be due to UV exposure.

Snow: SoulPads are not winterised tents and as such they are not intended for use in snowy conditions. If for any reason your SoulPad does find itself in these conditions you must regularly remove the snow from the canvas surface. The SoulPad tents are not designed to withstand heavy payloads of snow.

Zips: Zips sometimes endure extreme tensions. These can be caused by wind gusts, improper erections and adverse pressures caused by people or objects leaning against your SoulPad. Close all zips before erecting, adjusting or taking down your SoulPad. Handle the zips with care.

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To protect the zips treat them with silicones once in a while. If a zip on your erected SoulPad seems strained, play with the tension on the guy lines or adjust the positioning of the wall loops to find out which adjustment helps the zip to function better. When a SoulPad is erected incorrectly it can cause the zips to fail. Re-proofing: This is the process of replenishing the treatments already applied at the point of manufacture. Spotting when it is time to re-proof can be difficult. The tent will dry quickly in a breeze or sunlight and it will not fade rapidly when exposed to UV.

You will literally see beads of water forming on the outer surface of the canvas. When it is time to re-proof your SoulPad, you will notice that the water no longer beads, and that the SoulPad retains the moisture in the canvas for longer, taking longer to dry out than before. The colour of the canvas may also have faded.

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In the worst cases, mildew will start to appear in the form of small irremovable specs. Reproofing is simple.

A 5 litre container of this product is enough to treat even the largest of SoulPads. In simple terms: add the liquid to a pressurised container and spray onto the outer surface of the dry SoulPad tent in fine weather and allow it to dry. A fine coating is sufficient. This is easily preventable. The onset of fungus or mildew is a sure sign that your SoulPad is past needing a treatment with a cleaner and waterproofing agent, or that it has been stored incorrectly.

It is most commonly formed when exposed to certain conditions of humidity and temperature. Even if the canvas is mildew resistant, mildew will form if left damp. The best way to dry your SoulPad tent is for it to be fully pitched and allowed to dry naturally in fair weather. It should not be hung to dry as fungus and mildew could form in the folds and creases of a hung SoulPad tent. Mildew is very destructive to cotton fabrics as well as other materials.

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Mildew most commonly forms when tents are put into storage when damp. However, depending on the environment mildew can start while the tent is set up also.

If mildew has started to grow, it can be stopped from spreading by thoroughly drying the tent preferably in the hot sun and applying a cleaner, followed by the re-waterproofing of any areas cleaned. When dealing with fungus use a soft brush or sponge and a lot of fresh water to remove as much as you can and to stop the fungus from spreading. Only use specialised canvas tent cleaning products for this purpose. Other domestic, chemical products can be too harsh and cause the canvas structure to breakdown and leak.

Be sure to air your tent from time-to-time. Condensation levels should be kept to a minimum by regular airing open the windows and entrances regularly to allow air to circulate inside the tent too. Tale about Demyanka-fellow, a girl, turned into a marten and the fairy tale gang.

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