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Thanks for writing this. Going through it bad right now. Please take good care of yourself. If that means counseling or therapy or medication, you are worth it. Thanks for that Sarah,it resonates so much with how I very often feel inside-I often pleaded with God to just end my life rather than go through the trauma and agony of this earthly hell we endure. My life seems pointless and meaningless. I feel dead and empty inside most of the time.

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The anti depressant, Sertraline stops the deadness inside turning into black painful despair. I guess it numbs me. God is the only thing I cling on to. My parents are dead,no family,only 3 good friends.

We will all face painful moments sitting next to dying people. What can we say?

She died from eating nasal spray off the floor I was too depressed to clean up! Well, I paid for that. There is one Christian friend in my life that makes me realize God still loves me. I know too many painless ways to do it right. Despite all my prayers and entreaties to God,and the prayers of others,things have become unbelievably and intolerably worse. This is agonisingly painful. I cant now go smf see my boyfriend in the Philippines,who has nothing. They tell me that getting it sorted by lawyers could take years. Directors of companies can get away with things that any ordinary person would be jailed for.

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I can relate to this situation. I had a hard time forgiving myself for ever thinking of taking my life. I tried reading verses that would uplift me but after a few hours the darkness would start to shatter again my new found peace. Its really hard. Thank you that i read your story. Laura, are you seeking treatment for your depression?

You need to seek treatment to get better. All these texts are quite disturbing!! And I guess and fear that one day all is ok then your suddenly drowning in situations like I have read. These are the not talked about reality risks all humans can develop. No one ever said life is a picnic.

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Honestly, I stopped reading after it said that suicide is not a selfish choice, that is is the most selfless thing you can do. Suicide affects others around them and cannot be called self-less by any reasonable definition. What I got from that section was that the person thinks what they are doing is better for those around them, not that it is. A person in the despair of depression are in such pain they are not thinking clearly.

Thank you Terry. On the other side of that is the condemnation for being selfish, inadequate in our faith, or not intentional with our thoughts. I kept reading because it was spot on. And the thoughts of suicide are constant.

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I am so tired of the continual everyday nightmares of combat, the physical pains and just the fatigue of age over Most of my closer friends are dead and gone. But…I can only hope that this terrible feeling will once again pass. Every time though, it seems as if it gets nearer and more likely. I think the people that believe it is selfish may have never considered suicide. They do not understand so of course it feels like a selfish choice. She did not say suicide is the most selfless thing you can do. This is from the perspective of the suicidal person, not the opinion of the author.

In fact, a preachy comment about how selfish an act it is can tighten the noose even harder hopefully only figuratively. It seems like I would be releasing my loved ones from my own cursed, toxic, dead-weight existence. Please go back and read more carefully — you sound like one of the exact churchy people Sarah was hoping to reach to kindle a wee bit of compassion for those who suffer. Thank you for writing this!! So this topic is doubly important to me— for my clients AND myself!!

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I hate when they put the onus on the believer. Telling us our faith is too weak. They can come with me.

I have plenty of open space for my trip. Assholes are most welcome to precede me. I am very serious about this — it sounds like this person is not adequately equipped to deal with mental health issues. I went to a similar counselor before I realized that she was not a true mental health professional. It is far more important to see a well-trained therapist who understands mental illness than it is to go to somebody with the Christian label. I had to go to 4 therapists and counselors before I found a good one, but working with well-trained therapists changed everything for me.

Check out psychologytoday. Therapy is such a confusing issue for Christians. On the one hand, I can absolutely see the benefit that training in mental health offers, but on the other hand, a mature and wise believer who has the Holy Spirit of God residing in them would have the benefit of the Creator of the person coming to them for help giving them insight into that person and their situation. I hear you! My ideal is to work with licensed and trained professionals who are also followers of Christ.

However, all of us, even mature and wise believers filter everything we hear from God through our experiences, prejudices, and limited perspectives. And someone can be very mature and wise in their faith, but still harbor stigma and false ideas about mental health. If I reduce mental illness to a spiritual or character issue, sticking with wise Christian counsel seems to make a lot of sense.

Sarah, I do see your point.


The second one was a believer with great insight and she was very helpful. The third was also a believer with great insight but she was so unsympathetic that it was hurtful…all she wanted to do was tell me what I should be doing. Yes I agree with your coments. It is horrible to have to a cheerful countinense when you are seriously depresseda person has to continue hiding what is wrong or you will lose that friend. You cannot put on the smile always. The cloud can live with you through out your life. I am alone. I told my mother that i called the sucide hotline and she yelled that i would go to hell and ignored it like nothing has happened.

My mother can be just as difficult. There is no shame in seeking treatment or asking for help. In the contrary. Let the doctors speak to her. I beg you to please go to the ER. Hi Mitch, I am so sorry that happened to you!